Can You Manifest by Writing on Your Phone? (Explained)

If you are here, you probably wonder if you can manifest by writing on your phone and how effective it will be if you tried.

Some people may not really like the idea of writing down their desires on paper because other people may see them, and writing them on their phone can seem like a good alternative that at the same time allows for some privacy against prying eyes. But is it effective?

Can you manifest by writing on your phone? You can manifest by writing on your phone. However, manifesting by writing on your phone may not be as effective as manifesting by writing on paper. Some people can see better results manifesting by writing on paper because it involves deeper concertation and more cognitive processing.

The neat thing about manifesting is that there a number of different ways it can be done. But not all of them are created equal. Continue reading below if you wish to find out more in-depth information about how writing on your phone can affect your manifesting results.

Does writing on phone and writing on paper have the same effect?

While reading about the different ways one can manifest, you will find that, usually, writing is the preferred medium for scripting manifestations.

And even though most of the books and teachings about manifesting were created before the invention of modern computers and smartphones, this does not mean these books and teachings are inherently flawed.

Both writing on a piece of paper and your phone can be successful ways of manifesting. However, many would consider scripting with pen and paper to be better than writing on a phone.

The reason behind this is that writing with your hand on a piece of paper is something a lot more concrete. It is a physical action that connects the mind and the body. Writing is also slower and requires more concentration.

Even when it comes to studying, you may have found that writing down your notes is more effective than typing them up.

A number of different studies also back up that theory. For example:

  • One study discovered that people are better at recalling and recognizing vocabulary words after writing them compared to typing them.
  • Another study found out that it is easier to recall notes that have been written down using pen and paper compared to typing them.
  • And a third study concluded that students taking notes while writing them down also tend to perform better and had a better conceptual understanding of the material than the ones typing them on a computer.

Although writing on a phone and on a piece of paper may be fundamentally the same thing, they can differ in the outcomes they can produce.

Writing on a phone is believed to involve a lot less cognitive processing of what is actually being transcribed. To a certain degree, it is more of an automated process, while writing involves much deeper cognitive processing. 

So is it a stretch to suggest that maybe writing on paper may also lead to better and more successful manifestations? In a way, it can be argued that writing something down will allow us to reach and imprint it deeper into our subconscious mind.

Writing on paper vs. writing on a phone

Writing may allow for a deeper connection to your mind and subconscious mind. Writing is a more deliberate action that connects the body and the mind in performing the action of writing.

Thus writing is usually the preferred method for manifesting and scripting.

However, some people may feel uneasy while scripting with a pen and paper due to the possibility for somebody to stumble upon the things they have written down.

People who do not feel comfortable writing down their manifestations may have to either address those insecurities by keeping their journals in a secure place or consider different means of scripting, which allow for more privacy like typing on a phone or a computer.

Writing on your phone is normally considered by most people to be of lesser efficacy when it comes to manifesting because it does not carry with itself the same mind-to-body connection.

That, however, does not mean that you cannot manifest by writing on your phone. Whether or not you can manifest by writing on your phone is determined mainly by how you feel about it and whether you have any conscious and subconscious blocks.

Should you type your manifestations on your phone?

It all comes down to how you feel about and while typing your manifestation on your phone. Fundamentally the act is not about the medium but how you feel about it. 

Do you feel the same level of gratitude, connection, concentration, and certainty when writing on your phone as you do when writing on paper? Do you feel the same level of meaningfulness? If you do, then writing on your phone may be worth doing.

Most people will simply have an easier time feeling more focused and connected while performing the physical act of writing something down on paper. Their mind will feel a lot more connected to what the body does while writing something. Writing also takes more time and is a lot more deliberate, which allows for deeper connections to the mind.

That does not mean that by writing on your phone, you will not be able to manifest your desires. It simply means that manifesting by writing on your phone may be more difficult and trickier than writing them down on paper.

At the end of the day, you should do what feels right for you. If scripting by writing down on a piece of paper envokes negative emotions, you may see better results by writing on your phone instead. If you feel worried 

This is the beauty of manifesting. Nothing is really set in stone. Experimentation and keeping an open mind are always recommended.

Try scripting on your phone. Observe your feelings about the process. Do you feel any negative emotions or limiting beliefs in connection to the whole process? In this case, you should consider writing on paper instead.

However, if writing on paper evokes negative emotions due to privacy concerns, this can again hinder your success, in which case writing on your phone may give you more privacy and allow you to focus on the important things.

Can you use your phone for manifesting?

Although manifesting by writing on your phone may not be as effective as writing it down on paper, this does not mean your phone cannot be useful in aiding your manifestations. If you feel more confident in your ability to manifest while scripting with a pen and paper, you can stick to that, but you can also still use your phone.

Writing down your manifestations on your phone can be used as a good reminder of your desires.

That way, if you so desire, you can get in a state of thankfulness or into the feel of your wish fulfilled more often.

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