Can You Manifest When Depressed? (And Should You?)

Are you feeling down and unsure how to go about manifesting?

Depression is something that many people will experience throughout their lives and often more than once.

But manifesting while feeling depressed can be a very difficult thing to do. Many people will wonder how to keep themselves manifesting or if it is even possible to manifest while being in a very depressed or sad mental state.

Can you manifest when depressed? You can manifest when depressed. However, manifesting when you are depressed can be more difficult. If you are depressed, manifestations can take more time, or even negative manifestations can occur. That being said, you can manifest positive things even when depressed.

Now there are several things that people should consider when they are feeling down.

Let’s take a look.

How depression can affect your manifestations

Many things can be considered myths or misconceptions when it comes to manifesting and how the law of attraction works.

One of these misconceptions is that people cannot manifest if they are depressed.

You can manifest even if you are depressed. If you are depressed, you may not be able to manifest your desires as quickly, or you might end up manifesting undesirable things in your life.

Being in a positive state of consciousness is not completely necessary in order to manifest. However, the possible effects of manifesting while in such a state of consciousness should be understood.

Is depression an obstacle to manifesting?

If you are here, you already intuitively know that depression can be an obstacle when manifesting. Depression can not only prevent you from manifesting effectively and quickly, but it can also lead you to manifesting undesirable things into your life.

A depressive state of mind can cause manifestations not to happen fast as you might be sending mixed signals to your subconscious mind and the universe.

You see, depression can be viewed as a very low state of the mind and consciousness—a very low vibration state.

A high-vibration state will be the complete opposite—a feeling of joy, motivation, assertiveness, success, and belief.

These aspects are the ones people usually have problems with when they are feeling low—they will lack belief, inspiration, and willingness to proceed and stick to their visualizations and affirmations. Feelings of extreme hopelessness, panic, and desperation are also fairly common and likely to grasp the mind in an unrelenting grip.

So depression and extreme sadness can potentially be viewed as an obstacle to manifesting.

Does depression lead to undesirable manifestations?

The most fundamental concept in manifesting is to assume the wish fulfilled. To live, walk, and feel as if your desire is already true.

In other words, if you wish for wealth, you should feel as if you are already wealthy—even if you are not—and if you desire a new home, you should live, or rather feel like you are living in your new home. You should be able to feel the happiness associated with these things.

Now, the concept is that if you desire something new, you need to live in the feeling of it already achieved. In other words, you will achieve your goals because you have assumed the positive feelings associated with them. Subconsciously you are already experiencing the new state of mind, and it is only a question time for the physical reality to align to your state of mind. 

However, what happens if you are feeling depressed? To a certain degree, this is the exact opposite of what you want to feel while manifesting.

When you are depressed, you can be living in a different state of the wish fulfilled—in a negative state. You are assuming negative, bad feelings, which can steer you into manifesting exactly what you are feeling depressed about.

You see manifesting works in both ways equally well. You can manifest positive changes in your life, and you can manifest negative changes.

Do not forget that just because you are feeling down does not automatically mean you will manifest something negative, though, it can happen if you apply the same techniques to it. For example, if you are dwelling on the negative feelings and experiences and how you will feel if something negative were to happen. Combine that with a certain sense of belief that these things can happen, and you are having a recipe for trouble.

Now, this is nothing to get too scared about as long as you are aware of it and understand it. Just because you are feeling down does not mean you will manifest something bad if you do not really acknowledge these negative feelings any more than you need to.

If you stop feeding your mind negative thoughts, then this state of mind and reality has no way of nourishing itself and will cease to exist.

“An idea which is only an idea produces nothing and does nothing; it only acts if it is felt, if it is accompanied by an effective state, if it awakens tendencies, that is to say, motor elements.”

Ribot, Théodule. The Psychology of Emotions

You have to assume and act as if you already possess that which you seek. By dwelling on negative emotions like depression, you can still be manifesting. The thing is that you can be manifesting and attracting the very exact things that are driving your depressive thoughts.

Can depression cancel previous manifestations?

Depressive thoughts and state of mind will not automatically cancel your previous manifestations—not unless you really start believing it and dwelling on it.

This is a dangerous belief and a trap that some may get caught in.

Do not forget that we are not aware of how things will come to pass when we are setting our intentions while manifesting. Detachment is a vital process of manifesting, and in a certain way, feeling unsatisfied with what you currently have may be part of the process. 

The act is the fact, and the process works even if people do not always believe in it.

Now, all that being said, it is not impossible for depression to throw some wrenches in the works and slow down your manifestations.

Should you manifest when depressed?

If you are feeling down, most likely, you will not be in a mood to script, meditate and spend time visualizing or writing.

First things first, remember that these states of the mind are completely normal. Anybody can—and most likely will—feel depressed at one point or another in their lives.

The chances are you are your own worst judge in this case.

If you are not feeling like it, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a break.

Observe yourself and your feelings. If you have started believing that you cannot manifest while depressed, then it may not be recommended to manifest until you clear those thoughts.

However, if you understand and are completely certain that you can still manifest positive results even if you are depressed, then there may not be any real reason why you should not continue manifesting.

How to manifest if you are depressed

When feeling sad and depressed, the simple thought of feeling yourself into happiness may seem like a bad joke. I know it because I have been there, and so have many other people.

This can easily lead to not just sadness but anger as well. 

Learn to let go

The mindset is, without question, very important. The first step is learning to let go of your negative emotions, sadness, and anger.

Connect with your emotions and understand them. Understand the underlying reasons that drive them. You may find that there can be several layers of problems, and you may need to focus and work on each one of them one at a time. Pealing them away like an onion until you get to the core.


Generally, meditation is recommended in these cases as it will allow the mind to reset itself and focus on the important things while letting go of the unnecessary. Meditation can also get you in a neutral state where you are neither depressed neither over joyful. This is a good starting point.

Aim to meditate for at least 10 to 15 minutes each day. Start gradually from 5 minutes if necessary and gradually increase it.

Give yourself a break

Put the whole Law of Attraction thing on pause for a tiny bit, as focusing on it can lead to even more frustration and anxiety. Focus on letting go and forgiving yourself.

The problem is that even if the person decides to, sort of, give in to their desires and spend the whole day watching TV shows or eating sweets, the odds are they will not feel any better the following day. In fact, spending a whole day watching Netflix can be a good reason for them to feel even worst the day after because they have wasted their whole day.

Manifesting aside, people who feel depressed and in a very low vibration state of consciousness should first focus on raising their vibration and gradually getting into a more normal and healthy state of mind.

Now that is easier said than done, as I have experienced my own fair share of depressive episodes. Of course, it may not be very easy to do. Nonetheless, this does not change the fact that it is what every one of us should focus on.

Manifest the right things

You probably already know how manifestation works. This might be a good time to apply it and manifest your depression away. Imagine what it feels like to not have depression. Focus only on that one thing—much like how Neville Goddard teaches. Know that you are on the right path, and trust that things will get better.

There are different manifestation techniques that you can use. Use affirmations, too. Some that click with you and feel right.

Getting out of depression can be extremely hard. Unfortunately, depression is a self-feeding and fulfilling state of mind.

Or alternatively, you can start manifesting some small things into your life again. Maybe a small cup of coffee or something else, depending on how you feel.

That being said, do not forget that being constantly happy is not required in order to manifest. People are powerful, and they are manifesting all the time, even if they feel little under the weather.

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