The Whispering Technique (A Simple Guide)

The whispering technique is a super simple technique for manifesting that, for some reason, is not very popular, and it gets overlooked a lot.

However, the whispering technique is also a part of the Law of Attraction. And there are a lot of success stories of people using the whispering method.

The whispering technique is a method for manifesting what you want another person to do. During the whispering technique, you visualize yourself whispering into the ear of another person what you want them to do.

It is as simple as that.

But while it is indeed simple, there are a lot of little caveats that should be considered. Below I go into more detail.

What can the whispering technique be used for?

The whispering techniques can be used for many different things. For example, you can use it to have somebody give you something, say something to you, or do something for you. Like, get a raise, get somebody to tell you that they love you, or get them to message you.

Does the whispering technique work?

The whispering technique should not be confused with the impressing technique, which is very different.

The whispering technique works really well for many people. 

The whispering technique works so well because it works on a few different levels. It applies other Law of Attraction techniques like visualization and intention setting. When coupled with a higher state of mind and assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled, it can work extremely well.

In fact, there are many success stories in connection to the whispering technique where people report it working overnight.

How to do the whispering technique?

One of the great things about the whispering method is that it is super simple and easy to do. The method does not involve different steps or important details that you need to keep in mind. In fact, it comes very naturally to many people.

This is how to do the whispering method:

Get into the right state of mind

First, you will need to relax and get yourself into a suitable state of mind. You want to be in a good state of mind, getting your vibrations and confidence high. Try to stay positive when manifesting. This is a key moment that can often the easier said than done.

The whispering technique is usually done during meditation. This means that you need to get into a meditative state.
Get into a position where you can relax and clear your mind.

Now, relax and focus. Get into a similar state of mind to what you will be in when meditating or manifesting.

Take a few breaths. Take your time and do not rush it.

Visualize your special person

Visualize that special person sitting in a chair in a room or something along those lines.

Some people can imagine them sitting quietly in a rocking chair or on a sofa. It can also be a simple, very clean, and minimalistic white room, or in their own room if you know how it looks like, or something completely different.

In addition, that person does not have to be aware of your presence. People usually visualize that this person is unaware of their presence.

Visualize walking up to your special person

Visualize yourself walking up to that person. You can focus on your surroundings as well.

If there is a carpet, imagine yourself walking through it as you approach them.

And even if there is no carpet in their room, you can still imagine it in order to create a deeper connection to the moment.

Visualize whispering to your special person

Next, visualize yourself whispering in your special person’s ear what you may want or recommend them to do. It is almost like giving that person an order.

Feel like you are actually whispering to that person like that person is really there next to you, and you can literally feel their presence and as if you are physically whispering them.

For example, you can visualize yourself whispering them something along the lines of:

  • Tell X that you love her/him.
  • Give X a raise.
  • Tell X that you are sorry and want to see her/him.
  • Buy X a coffee.
  • You are in love with X, and you will be more serious about your commitment to X.

You can also visualize directly telling that special person what they should do. For example:

  • Text me that you miss me.
  • Give me a raise.
  • You are going to apologize to X for your behavior.

Repeat what you want them to do a few times.

While whispering what you want them to do, imagine that they hear it, that they are thinking about it. Although you do not have to imagine their reply, you can still do it—especially if you want a particular reply from them.

Let go

Detaching and letting go is an important part.

Remember that it is done. It is not up to you to think and come up with how it can be done.

Do not force it and just let all the pieces fall into their place.

Many people may be very impatient or doubtful. Those are just some of the obstacles along the way that people need to deal with.

However, you need to let go of the how’s and when’s. You need to know deep down that it is done and assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

How many times do you have to repeat the whispering method?

You can do the whispering technique as often as you like. But don’t overdo it, because you also need to detach. Once per day is usually more than enough.

When it comes to how many times you should repeat what you want your special person to do each session, there are no concrete rules.

Your sentence(s) can be repeated a few times, and then you can get on with your day—knowing that it is done. 

It is up to you how many times you will visualize repeating your words. Some people will not keep count and simply repeat their sentences a few times. Others may see some significance in repeating their sentences a specific number of times, like 3, 5, 7, 9, or 10 times.

Do you literally whisper what you want or imagine it?

Many people may get confused about whether they should just whisper it into the person’s ear or imagine it.

You do not do it literally—so you do not physically whisper it into the person’s ear.

When using the whispering technique, you imagine or visualize the whole process.

It is similar to how you visualize what you want to manifest using other techniques.

However, this time you are visualizing or imagining the whole process of how you tell that person what you want them to do.

Tips for doing the whispering technique

Some people have also seen a lot of success doing the whispering technique a little more differently. For example, they close their eyes, cup their hands over their mouth, and visualize or imagine how they whisper into the special person’s ears what they want them to do.

Again nothing is really set in stone. Some people will feel a more personal and deeper connection while cupping their moth with their hands, while others may not feel any difference. Look into yourself and do what feels natural.

The whispering technique for manifestation can be very successfully combined with what Neville Goddard teaches. You can get into a state akin to sleep (SATS) while using the whispering method, assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and let go.

Letting go is a crucial step in manifesting, and this applies to the whispering technique as well. You have done what you have, not let go. Do not think about your manifestation and let the universe do its magic. 

Focus on what you want.

Many people will feel uneasiness and doubts when manifesting because they may have different limiting believes.

Don’t forget that you are important. You are loved, respected, and treated with kindness. Most importantly, you are enough. (There is a good reason why some people repeat different affirmations and mantras like “I am enough.”)

While doing the whispering method, do not try to influence, force, or persuade your special person to do it.

This is counterproductive, and you are sabotaging yourself.

It affirms that you are not living in the end, and it implies that there really is a sense of lack and separation.
You should not be desperate for the results.

Your reality reflects your inner state. And if you feel like you need to really force the whole thing to happen and influence that person, then you are admitting that you may not have power over the situation, that things are and can be different from what you want. In the end, you can manifest the opposite of what you desire.

A simple mistake like this may cause the whispering method to not work.

Remember to do the whispering technique with the intention and belief that it is already done.

On the other hand, you can do the whispering method while coming from the perspective that you are the creator of your own reality. You do not have to force anything. You know and firmly believe that the person is receiving your message.

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